10 wishes

1. I wish I had the power of Geass. I wonder what mine would be…

2. I wish I could win the lottery and donate all the money to the world’s churches. 

3. I wish I had a smart phone (ANY SMART PHONE).

4. I wish I was as creative as the screenwriters who write the scripts for shows like Once Upon a Time and Arrested Development. 

5. I wish Code Geass R3 would begin already.

6. I wish I had harder hardships. That way, maybe, I’d be able to relate to or be more empathetic toward people with tougher struggles. 

7. I wish I had the experience to prepare gourmet cuisine. 

8. (Sometimes) I wish I cared more about other peoples’ opinion of me. 

9. I wish I knew more about the bible. 

10. I wish I could convince my parents to allow my to upgrade all their electronics instead of keeping all their heavy paperweight computers. 


One thought on “10 wishes

  1. bernicium December 18, 2012 / 11:13 pm

    I’m totally copying and making a list too.

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