10 things you can’t live without

1. My WordPress – it gives me a chance to process my thoughts, share with others, and engage with god. Otherwise I don’t know how is process.
2. Chris, ryan, josh, jonathan, Joanne, Kelly, Justin, Bernice – my community at a&m
3. Blue hoodie – good in any weather
4. Aggie ring – good with any outfit
5. Nexus 7 – multifunction tool
6. Facebook photos – reminders and memories of the past I want to take with me.
7. McDonalds coupons – got me through the semester
8. Black socks – my feet get cold easily. Good socks are hard to come by.
9. Gift of discernment – I continue to thank god for his gift of spiritual discernment. I don’t know if it counts as a natural gift, but its definitely from god because I can’t discern truth without his help.
10. Ksbj – no CDs. Just constant encouragement over the radio.


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