10 Ways to Win Your Heart

1. Don’t be afraid to point out when I’m wrong. If you listen to me speak enough, you’ll know that a good chunk of the thing’s I say are either blasphemous, ridiculous, or not compassionate. 

2. Encourage me to try things that I don’t want to do or are scared about trying

3. Being excited about small things that happened during your day. Share them with me because I can get caught up in the business in life.

4. Cook with me, not just for me. 

5. Grocery shop with me. 

6. In the spirit of Christmas, gifts!

7. Dressing Nicely

8. Know yourself and be bold. 

9. Forgive me when I make a mistake, even if you know I’m making a mistake, but I’m not willing to accept it. 

10. Be patient. 


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