Money Maturity

I’m not working yet, and at the rate I’m going, I won’t have a formal job for the next few years. These past few days, after getting accepted into UHCO, the conversations with my parents and friends shifted to loans, determination, and committing to going to class. All the sudden, I feel convicted to monitor my finances and expenses, particularly because I’m currently spending what I haven’t earned.

About a year ago, I spent a few months praying that God would teach me about the power of money. You know… Why did He create it? What is it worth to us? And ultimately, how much should it be worth to us in eternity? Right now, I feel compelled to monitor my expenses for the semester.

Since I arrived in Cstat yesterday for my tenth (as someone notified me of) and last semester at Texas A&M, I have spent over $100. Granted, about than 80% of that was spent on groceries for the next couple weeks and paying for someone else’s food, I realize I haven’t had a very watchful eye when I pull out my credit card. I just feel compelled to monitor any expenses I make for the course of this semester. Perhaps I will challenge myself to put a ceiling on eating out or total amount of money I’m allowed to spend. Or maybe, I’ll limit how frequently I allow myself to eat out. We’ll see; I haven’t made up my mind yet. I believe this will definitely be one of my tithes this year. I want to be able to give freely to support missionaries instead of satisfying my own desire/hunger for unnecessary things.

This might be a baseline on how I control my expenses:

I want this to be a lesson for myself, not so I can set a standard I want others around me to follow. I also don’t want it to be a standard that I follow based on being “better” than the people around me.

I’m extremely grateful for my parents. They taught me to buy only what I need and nothing more. I believe I’ve definitely strayed away from the median of that ideal, and I want to return to that norm. So, a big thank you to my parents for raising me and teaching me. Thanks for not giving my presents growing up, but instead, trusting me.

Please teach me. 

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