Taking shape

My life is generally going well right now. If you want a shorter account of things going on, you can always check the “prayer requests” page; I just updated it. I’ll just talk about the few of the things God’s been doing in my life

Tiara: We’re dating again, and this time, I’ve got a great feeling about it. These past few months have have shown that we’ve been growing progressively (I like that word). In our time apart, we’ve been able to see the Lord work in our lives individually. In addition to that, our futures have taken shape a little bit more.While she doesn’t necessarily know where she’s going to be next year, I think she has a better understanding of what ministry looks like/can look like and where she wants to be. I know I’ll be in Houston for the bulk of the next 3-4 years, so putting aside whether or not it would be easy, at the very least, it’s become more clear. I think a good chunk of the insecurities I have about our relationship have been addressed and I’ve been learning the importance of being patient and allowing things to work themselves out. Obviously, I don’t want to share everything online, but if you want to know more, I’ll tell you in person.

Optometry School: As of right now, I’m officially part of the UH College of Optometry Class of 2017! This is pending graduation though; calculus is the only thing standing in my way right now. I’ve always had this innate fear of walking across the stage without having any future plans. What if I was one of the people who graduated with a degree from a great institution and had no plans or idea what to do next? Partly, I think my fear was fueled a lot by pride. “I don’t want to be like those people.” In the past semester, God slowly began to teach me (also through humility and patience) that He’ll place me where me wants me to because where He wants me is the only place where I can experience His great love. I won’t always see the end result, and even if i do, I won’t always like it. But right now, I feel very blessed to have some insight as to where I’m headed. Naturally, I want to prepare well for that next stage. Currently some of the challenges I’m having are to take my academics seriously, starting with going to class. I can honestly say I haven’t gone to “many” classes in college (I don’t want to reveal how many). Next year, I can’t afford that laziness. I also am learning to sleep and wake up at respectable times. I can’t rule out naps just yet, but I’ve found in the past two weeks, it is possible to sleep 12-8 and go the entire day without a nap. Who would have thought that? Lastly, I need to steward my time well. I have a lot of relationships to maintain and ministry work to delegate, teach, and organize. This semester is extremely important when it comes to learning to steward my time well.

Epic: Epic is important to me, and it will always remain so. Epic has been shaping up a lot too. I’ve been watching a lot of young leaders and missional christians step up to the plate and pour out their hearts into the ministry. This semester, the roles and responsibilities are more defined and I can see people understand vision. I can say, without a doubt, the month we took at the end of the last semester and the winter break have allowed our movement to regain momentum and focus our path. We have serving teams that lessen the responsibilities of the core leadership team. With all leaders meeting on sundays, the weight of our responsibilities as leaders is reduced dramatically, and communication is easier. As of yesterday, I’m no longer in charge of leading worship (whew!), but I will say I enjoyed that great experience. This semester, I’ll focus on coleading small group/missional community with Jeffrey Joe. I’ll also be discipling him along with Justin Yeh. I hope to have a more formal meeting time with them, but God can do what works best. I’m also glad to see Ryan and Michelle discipling as well; that’s always exciting. I’ll also be one of the leaders for the outreach time, and that definitely takes up time. In a nutshell, I’m back to where I started two and a half years ago with a new set of leaders. It’s exciting.

I understand I’m really blessed right now. My life is being molded like a potter molds his clay. PTL


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