Sensationalism, How to Hurt for Someone Else

I really like her quote. Just some food for thought.
“That’s what makes me so uncomfortable about this flood of supportive Facebook statuses — the heart behind it is good, but for some reason, it still makes me feel uncomfortable. I know that we are in an increasingly connected world and it’s more possible than ever to dip into the thoughts of others around us. But sometimes I wonder if certain things are over-shared. I wish there could be a little more value put into the moment of silence that we have internally, knowing that we as humans can feel each other’s pain and agonize for them, without the need to publish it to the world.”


I was stuck in training all day today so I didn’t find out about the Boston marathon explosions until my friends texted me about it. I didn’t even realize just how severe it was until I looked up the news after, but it really does make your blood run cold. It is incredibly difficult to hear about stories of these runners and the horrific injuries they suffered, on top of that the news of the 8-year old boy… Also I can’t help but be sick of the news sensationalism that comes with an event like this. I’m having a hard time knowing how to be properly sympathetic and empathetic in these tragedies anymore. They make me so sad, and hearing about it again and again makes me feel like the news is continuously ripping off a band-aid again and again. When I heard that Glee made a school shooting episode…

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