I’m frustrated when I should be celebrating

I just finished all my college finals yesterday, and I have already filled the joy-euphoria with frustration and to-dos. I very quickly filled my attention and to do list with new tasks and responsibilities the moment I finished the last one. I know I tend to do this, but it’s very off putting how quickly I can shift gears and forget something good that happened yesterday. 

I’m constantly in a flow of to-do, check em off, next one ‘come at me bro’. This morning, the first thing(s) I thought about doing was cleaning, packing, planning out my day, and epic leadership meeting. I wanted to take a minute just to pause, but I thought that if I did, I would be swallowed up entirely by rush of life. 

I should be filled up with a spirit of joy after getting through all the finals (and subsequently college), but I just feel so frustrated right now with the things I still need to do, things that need my attention and focus. I just want it to stop so I can enjoy the moment, although that might just be me being unwilling to change, unwilling to make sacrifices, or being unable to see a bigger picture. 

How can I motivate myself to really spend a quiet time with God and not just do quiet times? 


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