Marriage Vows

Have you ever thought about writing marriage vows? Everytime I hear them, whether it’s on a television screen or in person, they’re always so intricate and articulate. So moving and full of emotion and love. I was watching Hart of Dixie today – one of my favorite shows I might add – and there was a snippet where Tom Law was at the alter with Wanda at their Jedi/LOTR mashup wedding (don’t ask). And his words were so moving. The episode even made an allusion to The Notebook and Ryan Gosling. At one point, a character was talking about how women love Ryan Gosling for his romanticism, not his muscles. 

I was thinking about my prayers when I was listening to the vows. When I talk to God, I always try to follow the ACTS acronum (Adoration, Confession, Thanksgiving, and Supplication). And I realize that I never talk to God with the intensity included when I think about spoken marriage vows. I mean, I don’t look at God and say “thanks for all the stuff you do, I appreciate it” but also don’t say “YOU are the only thing I’ll ever want in life, because you’re all I need. And even more so, you want me more than I’ll ever love You.” I don’t talk to God like that. And as I reflect, every prayer should have that sort of flare and spark. 

I am married to the Lord. 


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