Luah vs. Rachet

10 year old girl sets out on a journey away from Aspertia City!

Gosh, it’s so weird being away from mom. When she first said “Good luck on your journey!” I didn’t think she was serious. This must be some sort of abuse or punishment – forcing me to fend for myself in the wild giving me nothing more than an Oshawott 


I mean, he’s cute and everything, but I feel like he’d get eaten up by a Beartic or an Ursuring. My mom probably gave me Oshawott because she wants me to get eaten by a bear. For that every reason, I named Oshawott Bear Bait. We’re getting along quite well. His water gun attack is pretty strong. 




Once I set out on Route 19, Bianca, my mentor, taught my how to catch pokemon. My first thought was, “Pshh I know how to do this. I’ll show her up!” Right after I ran into the tall grass, some shadowy figure appeared! Some random fight music started playing out of nowhere and a text bubble appeared around my waist leve (I was so confused… I felt like I was star on the show Yu-gi-oh). The text said, “A wild Purloin appeared!” My first thought after that was, “Why do I need a pokedex if the text box is going to tell me about the pokemon anyway?” Long story short, I caught the Purloin, named her Patchy, and continued on my way.

I finally arrived at my first town. FLOCCESY Town. This peculiarly haired guy named Alder approached me saying that he likes to watch intriguing people. I should be careful around him; I think he might be a stalker. Nonetheless, because I am 10 years old, I’m going to follow him because he wants to train me and teach me about pokemon. My journey isn’t exactly ideal, and i have no idea what my mom wants me to learn, but I’m sure that I can trust a 6 foot tall, cut, red mohawk hair guy who wears a frock and sandals. He tells me I should deliver my extra town map to my best friend (and future husband) Rachet. He’s sorta like my rival, but I’m confident that we’re just both playing hard to get right now. I hope he doesn’t turn out like Alder. 

Pidove So, I decide to take a stroll through Route 20 because Alder tells me that Rachet is on in the Floccesy Farm, just a little beyond 20. This time, while walking through the grass, I find a Pidove! And since I was hungry, I caught it and decided to name it Chocolate. Sadly after trying my hand at cannibalism, Chocolate didn’t satisfy my tastes. I brought him to the pokemon center and he was alright again. I should go find real chocolate.

I found Rachet! I had my first pokemon battle!snivy_and_lillipup_by_meltymole-d3b5fl8fdfadsfsadf

okay, so essentially, Rachet’s Snivy was teasing this little Lillipup. I’m a 10 year old girl and I will not stand for humans and pokemon abusing little cute puppies! So went over to that little snivy. kicked snivy in the tail, and then Chocolate used Gust attack and I won my first pokemon battle. I wasn’t REALLY trying to win the battle… It just kinda happened. Then I realized lillipup was hurt (go figure), so I decided I should catch him instead. I named him Bueno

I finally handed over the extra town map to Rachet, and instead of him saying thank you, he said, “Great Battle, we should do it again sometime.” I was like.. WHATTT You mean you want to see me again? *blush* I was thinking about letting mom know about all the stuff that’s happened in the 1 hour and 30 minutes of my journey but I figured she wants me gone anyway. 

Until next time!




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