Johnny Football

I just spent a few minutes reading ESPN comments, particularly from people commenting on the maturity and actions of Johnny Manziel. Some of them talk about his actions off the field. Others talk about his poor decision making on the field. A lot of people spend their time trying to discredit the A&M effort by saying we stayed in taht game due to luck and the ref calls. And of course, there are those talking about how much they just don’t like Johnny football.

I do wonder, if any of those people were immediately thrust into the limelight, how would they would perform? Whether you crave the spotlight, or the excuse that you’re still “just a kid” (or the argument that he’s 20 and already man), I can’t imagine the popularity and the media craze around you being an easy thing to deal with. Clearly, men in the NFL still dont “have their act together” but the media scrutiny and criticism isn’t nearly as heavy as it currently is on Johnny Football. As one article put it, never has there ever been a player in collegiate sports with so much exposure, or as I would put it, so much pressure.

I give the guy credit. He’s seriously exciting to watch, great for the sport, and great for program at A&M. It’ll draw players to our football program, and I personally hope it’ll bring in a better defensive scheme for the second coming of the wrecking crew of the 90’s. I don’t approve of some things JF has done, but I can’t imagine being “any better” than him if I were in the same position. I went to A&M, I was exposed to the college atmosphere, and yeah, I was tempted constantly to live a luxurious lifestyle, even I couldn’t afford it, money-wise or time-wise. I have God to thank that He kept me out of trouble, walking in the light just like it says in Ephesians 5. But seriously ESPN and self-righteous commenters/bloggers – give him a break. From one snarky comment to another, I can’t tell the difference between people who have their heads screwed on straight and those who literally are blinded by their ignorance. Here’s a snark for you: I bet you wouldn’t last one game in his shoes. You’d take a hit and immediately ask to be taken out of the game.

Well that’s all I’ve got on Johnny Football. I think he’s great on the field, probably won’t win another Heisman, but as long as I bleed maroon, I will remain proud of the resilience our football (and other programs) teams show.


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