Breakthrough in Self-realization

Friend: i have a hard time expressing my thought process into words
 and i guess it’s cause there are no thoughts Lol
 i’m pretty bad at actively reading
Derek: lol
you’re fine
i guess this is one ofthe areas you are growing in
expressing yourself
if it makes you feel any better
(with no intention of tooting my own horn)
I think the people I’ve been closest to in my life
when I first met them, they were bad at expressing themselves
either passive
however aftera  few years, they grew in that respect
and grew to be more expressive and outspoken
as well as mature
my theory is
either they were tired of putting up with me
and learned to rebuke me
or I naturally gravitate toward these people
because they listen to me and don’t tell me off all the time because they aren’t strongly opinionated, so therefore I dominate the relationship
actually, i think it might be both…

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