Christianity will never die

I loved watching this. I found it somewhere on my facebook. I found the title compelling – “A Man filmed Heavens for 7 days.” The music was soothing. And the photographs were beautiful.

The comments below the buzzfeed struck me though. The top comments were about the lack of evidence of a creator. One of the most popular comments is “sky, not heaven.” When you see something like that, what are you supposed to do? If you comment on it contending the existence of Heaven, God, Jesus, Grace, Sin, the Holy Spirit, and the crucifiction, then you will be painted as a bible thumper intolerant of other religions or insolent to choose faith over science. If you don’t say anything, there’s guilt that you didn’t speak up, that you didn’t stand for God in the public eye – basically, you didn’t acknowledge Him.

I remember hearing about how religion was going to die in this generation, the millennials. More and more people who grow up exposed to church and the gospel leave it at the first chance. Normally, that happens in college. Even those who join college groups investigating God in college stop going once they enter the working world. What is mere christian like me supposed to do? I see the hypocrisy that drives christians away, but I also see the grace that we were afforded and never deserved. What can I do?

Join me this week in praying for our nation. Pray for our generation. Pray for this world. I learned long ago, that it is the heart of a true believer that can move mountains. It only takes the faith of a mustard seed to move one. Believe that God will redeem us and save us. Above all, have hope for those unbelieving and pray for their lives as well. With each prayer, I feel less helpless, more empowered, and joyful. God is good and He will never let Christianity ever die.


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