Answer #3

What are you most afraid of? 


I’ve asked this question to many different people, but the most frequent answer I hear from them is the same one I would give. I’m most afraid of being alone. Now, before you jump to conclusions about what I mean, I define “being alone” as being without company. And what is the root word of company? It’s companionship. When we talk about friendships, we’re talking about relationships, and why do we want to be relational? It’s because we want companions? 

^^ circular reasoning. 

Okay, seriously, I am afraid of being alone though. You know when people talk about those “alone on an island”-hypothetical questions? They might ask, “who would you want with you?” I honestly, wouldn’t want to be stranded like Tom Hanks was in castaway. I am not necessarily the largest introvert or the largest extrovert. According to Myer’s briggs, I’m 51% E and 49% I. To be in isolation isn’t abnormal for me; I like my alone time, and I like my time alone to be quiet and peaceful. But, if I was without relationships and companions at all, I think I would completely lose it. I don’t think God created me or anyone else on this earth to do life without companions. We’re supposed to be in relationship with each other anyway; why would you want to walk your path as a loner? Personally, it scares me to have to face all of lifes’ trials on my own without someone to encourage or lift me up when I need it. I’m not talking about a girlfriend or a wife either; I’m just talking about good friends. 

Life would just be hard without the people around me. I’m not super super attached to any single friend, even those around me now. I’m not saying I’m unappreciative of them and the things they do for me. All I’m saying is, I’ve just never been a person that holds onto one specific person for dear life. I guess it’s a gift and a curse. Regardless, I do love my friends a lot, my family more, and my God the most. His relationship with me with is the greatest of all. 


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