Answer #4

Are you a good role model?

I don’t know. As a human, as a sinner, I see my own sins and struggles and inconsistencies and inadequacies before anyone else can. The question I have to answer is, “am I too prideful to admit my faults? or am I too humble to care?” I’m quick to discount my worth and value, especially when it comes to influencing other people and the benefits I bring to this world and the people around me. Honestly, I think I’m a terrible role model. I’ve lied, cheated, stolen, and while I haven’t killed someone, I’ve had evil thoughts that are just as bad. I don’t think I’m well suited to be any person’s model in life, but I guess the most important thing is realizing that I’m not well suited to be the model people strive to be. Rather, my life can be a declaration of who God is. Jesus should be the model we strive to be, not because he was “perfect” but because He had a relationship and union with God of reconciliation. And we should ask the Holy Spirit to help us become more like Jesus.

Jesus is my role model.


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