10 things I learned from camp

  1. God’s will is sovereign, but His Grace transcends understanding. Things happen in the world, and we don’t always know why. We know these struggles and trials are in God’s will, because it happens. We experience trials because they grow us and our dependence on God, but a lot of times, in the midst of the trial, we lose sight of why we face the struggle. This is where grace comes in; grace is the reason that trial happens, not because God is a judge who justly rains turmoil on our sinful lives, but because He loves us instead. ‘
  2. The Holy Spirit does the transforming. No matter how much I want to change, I have to lean on the HS to grow – myself and others
  3. Excitement is a switch that can be turned on and off. I like on more than off though.
  4. Today’s youth/highschoolers experience a lot of pain. I wish I could take it away, but the struggle is real.
  5. Reconnecting and and rekindling old friendships is awesome.
  6. Emceeing was this weird combination between being up on stage and receiving glory and being behind the scenes and planning. God showed me how balanced humility looks.
  7. Trying new things: will always be met with backlash, but the important thing is to sift through that mess and figure out what is a genuine concern or just a preference.
  8. I never thought I would play such an active role in planning camp; always thought I’d be just a counselor. Except after emceeing and comparing the importance of being on program team, I realize that being “just a counselor” is the real active role, and program team is more relaxed.
  9. I should use Neosporin on my wounds more often.
  10. Super Vitamin B12 complex, halls defense cough drops, and airborne helped me survive the week.

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