Answer #5

What are traits/characteristics of your IDEAL mate?

Made this a few weeks back after a July 4th trip to Conroe with Ryan. 

enjoys playing vball, good driver, better fashion sense than me (so she can point out mistakes), explores new cooking recipes (not just baking), planner, clean car, blogger/journaler who sits back and reflects, has a group of friends who are separate in spheres of influence that I can get to know, likes to sing, closet romantic, enjoys watching movies and tv shows not reality tv shows, courageous, talker, enjoys walks, not constantly on social media or texting, good listener and asks introspective questions, always reminding and encouraging me to pray, different background, good with kids, gives second chances – grace, overall health, has teaching ability, kind, large extended family.

By the end of it, I realized with most of these, they aren’t necessarily character traits that I wish for my girlfriend or wife would have. I actually realize that they’re mostly traits that I wish I had or was better at. Maybe they’re linked. Maybe the ideal girl is just an extension of who I wish I was or a better version of me. Food for thought. 



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