Got Light? (my sermon notes from Day 2 Camp Impact)

John 8:12 – light of the World – “Light represents God”

1 John 1:5-12 We need light because the world is a dark place. Eph 6:12 states Satan is roaming around this world. 

  • v 5-6 living in the light: means you have accepted Jesus as your personal Lord and Savior
  • v. 7 Living in community: openly seeking accountability in your life
  • v. 8-10 Living in truth: constant repentance and coming back to God in humility

Which do you lack the most of? 


3 types of sins: 

  1. The sins in your life, and satan will keep you in the dark. 
  2. sometimes, if we are sinned against, we keep this pain in, and we are bound and can’t break free (Eph 4:32). Forgive so that you no longer have to be enslaved
  3. If you have wronged someone, humble yourself and approach them and seek forgiveness.

Jesus says come to the light and you can have life. 


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