I’m feeling 24.

Psalm 40:4-8

I hope that this passage from my devotional this morning can be a declaration of how I want to live in devotion to God this year.

God, I don’t know what you have planned for me. I never really do. I used to have it all mapped out, but the reality is I never really knew what was coming. But I see more clearly than before that your will and plans for my life extend far beyond what I can fathom. This next year, I want to grow in my relationship with you. Please help me to fight temptation to sin and the desire to focus solely on myself. I did not deserve a relationship with you, but you chose me anyway. Your grace is incomprehensible and your mercies are renewed each morning. Joy courses through me when I am in your presence. Teach me to never leave your side for another. LORD, I pray for provision in the areas of boldness, fellowship, ministry, and many other things. I pray I would find more sustenance than substance through your Holy Spirit. This year, I pray for discipline in all areas of my life and a dedication to fasting from worldly pleasures when those things becoming idols. Please, help me grow my love by continually revealing yourself to me. You always pursue us first, and we are the recipients of your endless pursuit for our souls. You are so good, and we are blessed to be in your presence. Amen


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