Internal Processing

I’ve been really quiet during small group lately. Perhaps its just the tiredness I’m experiencing from classes from 9-6 on those days. But I get to small group, and I’m not quite falling asleep but I’m just not very outspoken. It’s odd, but I’m oddly at peace about it too. I’m able to expend more energy intently listening to the opinions and thoughts others share. I think, in college, my ability to listen intently was very poor and untrained. To actively absorb others’ words and internally process (yeah thats the phrase) what others were saying before readily sharing my own thoughts is something I’m learning to do better. My first counter to that is thinking “I’m not contributing to the group then!” However, if I’m not maturing in my ability to process information and speak constructive truth, then how can anything I say out loud be a contribution? I see this happen the most when someone asks a question, and another person responds trying to answer that question, but they fail to speak to the root of the original question because they didn’t truly understand what the first person was trying to ask. I guess I’m trying not to be like the question answerer in that scenario. Regardless, I come to small group, tired, quiet, but listening intently. I think it’s a good thing. 


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