When you hear some exciting news, who is the first person you want to tell?

This sounds like the lead-in to a dramatic speech from a sitcom like One Tree Hill, The O.C., Hart of Dixie, or one of my more recent favorites, Beauty and the Beast. What follows in that speech is something along the lines of “the person who comes to mind first is the one you want to be with” (or the love of your life). This is the person you want to share your life with… the one who you want to cherish every moment with… the only one who bring even more joy into your life than you could ever imagine. Something like that.

Today, someone shared some exciting news, and I immediately thought about who I wanted to share with about it. However, I found myself in a train of though unlike the one described above. You see, I didn’t narrow down my list of confidants to figure ut who that one person was. Instead, I realized there was a community with people I could and wanted to share with. There wasn’t just one person who I wanted to share this exciting moment in life with (ironically, it isn’t my moment but someone else’s). I wanted to share it with all my close friends – my brothers and sister’s in Christ who could rejoice with me during this moment of joy. Despite not being allowed to share, I find myself feeling very blessed that I have brothers and sisters around me who can celebrate with me.

There’s nothing particularly wrong about hoping to find one person to share our lives with. Truthfully, I want to same thing, and I wonder who that person could be. But, for the moment, I’m quite overjoyed knowing I have so many people around me that I’d want to share with. That’s enough; PRAISE THE LORD thank you Jesus.


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