Glasses or Contacts?

Ironic, since this post is coming from someone who is in optometry school haha

About a month ago, I went in for an appointment at the university eye institute at UHCO (where I go to school), and the attending mentioned, “I wonder why Derek doesn’t wear contacts more often?” To give you a minor background, I have rarely worn contacts since sophomore year of college. It has just been easier (or lazier) to throw on a pair of glasses. I’ll generally wear contacts only when I exercise or play sports, so I have been ordering daily one time use contacts for about half a decade now.

Whether it is now intentional or not, I’ve suddenly found myself favoring contacts over glasses. Perhaps it was what the attending said — seems to imply that contacts are generally more attractive/common/normal/acceptable than glasses are. The implications are endless, and I never got around to asking him why he said it. Of course, I’m not offended either. The attending is someone I’m on a first name basis with and someone I respect. Either way, I’ve worn contacts for half of this week, and I even feel like I’ve gotten a confidence boost out of it.

What he said (why doesn’t he wear contacts) will probably stick with me for a long time. Long ago, my friend Cathy and I decided to define this as a subtle nuance – something small, possibly negligible to the conscious mind, but will stick with you for a long time and affect your decision making. The difficult part is realizing that it is a subtle nuance and trying to isolate it. So for those of you who are just following my blog, that’s what a #subtlenuance is.


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