Reading is more fun than playing Gameboy

What would I do with my free time if I was all alone? Starting from my childhood until the present day, I’d probably alternate between any of following:

  • gameboy
  • tv/anime
  • read
  • facebook/internet/shop
  • sports

Yes, I still play my gameboy today, although now it’s called a nintendo 3DS. I still do all of these at least to a small extent, but the one thing I do the least is read. Lately, I’ve been reading a lot though. Young adult fiction like Mockingjay, news articles, short stories, francis chan books, and the list continues. There’s something incredibly therapeutic about reading a story to visualize it rather than visualizing a story while reading subtitles. My imagination can intuitively construct setting from the words on the page and fill in the rest of the blanks. This afternoon, I honestly chose to go to barnes and noble to read a recently released book instead of sitting at home playing my 3DS, watching a movie, or any of the other items on the list above. It was really relaxing.

Now, if only I could get myself to read my bible with as much enthusiasm.


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