Lights don’t whine

I listened to this podcast from Breakaway ministries today on my way to and from class. My drive normally about 25 minutes each way, perfect amount of time to fit in the spoken word of God. Here are some of the highlights of Ben Stuart’s message:

  1. Phillipians 2:14-30 was the passage. Verse 14 starts, “Do everything without grumbling or arguing, so that you may become blameless and pure, “children of God without fault in a warped and crooked generation.” Then you will shine among them like stars in the sky as you hold firmly to the word of life.
  2. As humans/college students, we spend about 40% of our conversations complaining.
  3. Complaining is completely selfish because it brings nothing constructive or beneficial to our relationships
  4. Oftentimes, the first rationale we have to our complaints is ‘everyone else does it too,’ but that should only reinforce our desire as Christians to stand out as a light in the world. We do not want to be like the world because we know we are not of it.
  5. And lastly, the only way to be genuinely interested with people, you must first be genuinely interested in Jesus.

This message was really convicting for my to hear. First of all, I listened to the whole thing while driving in rush hour. I don’t know how many of you drive during rush hour, but sometimes it feels like Houston is trying to torture me through fear and trembling by putting the worst drivers in my path. Drivers who lane-change without looking, or the giant suburban driven by a woman on her phone, or an old man who can’t see over the steering wheel of his Oldsmobile. I’m particularly irked by people who lane change without signaling, and especially those who manage to turn on their signal just as they change lanes. IMO, the purpose of your signal is to notify others that you’re changing lanes, or to yield traffic, and people who don’t do it appear as either selfish or ignorant. Anyway, I’m sure I’ve blogged about Houston traffic before, but my purpose in explaining my frustrations is that while listening, it really laid out my heart for me to see. At that very moment, I could see the selfishness of my own heart. At a moment’s notice, I could easily be someone complaining about what was wrong with my life. My responsibility as a Christian is to breathe life and encouragement into others, but here I was in the solitude of my own car, “spending time in the word”, sinning against people in my own heart. Today, I spent the better part of the day thinking about how I can consistently surrender my grumbling heart to the Lord. I know there are things I can control like gossip and complaints about traffic, but what I seek is something more profoundly transformative, something only the complete utter devotion to Jesus can give.

So, I just wanted to share that tidbit of my day with all of you. I ask that you would pray for me right now for transformation and humility as I continue to be sanctified on this journey called life. Amen.


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