“I’m a big WORDS person.”

So, what does it mean to be a WORDS person? Generally speaking, I define it as being encouraged through words (spoken/read), enjoying listening to spoken or reading words, and being energized through expressing yourself through words (written or spoken).

I would never genuinely say I am a WORDS person. Sometimes, I used to think it, but never out loud. I love expressing myself as an external processor, but lately words have generally been a challenge.

Someone that I met up with today said she was a WORDS person, and I could tell she was truly passionate about words. And honestly, lately I’ve been really out of practice when it comes to WORDS. Today, I was sharing with her about life, and I could barely get the words out or express myself adequately. I feel like I’m completely out of practice. I used to talk so much – sharing opinions, ministry, leading meetings, leading bible study, evangelism, praying, counseling others, and the list goes on. This, of course, mostly has to do with things like relationships, but to me, relationships are the most important thing of all. I’m just out of practice expressing myself, and I stumble on my words a lot more than I used to.

Now, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It’s just me reflecting on where I am now compared to a couple years ago. I should do more of that too… “reflecting”… Anyway, back to finals!


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