Men I Admire

When I look at men like Matt Chandler and James Moy, what I respect most is how they lead their families. My discipler is a father of 3 boys, and Matt Chandler is married and teaching pastor at the Village Church in Dallas, Tx. Both men are in different stages of life, but both have an acute awareness of their sinfulness. Now, out of context, you might take that as “Matt and James are big sinners and you can see their sin stamped on their foreheads.” Honestly, both those men can and have said that about themselves. Whether I’m listening to a podcast from Matt or having a 1on1 with James, they talk honestly and earnestly about their lives. They own up to their imperfections and share openly about how they struggle. In Matt Chandler’s new book, A Mingling of Souls, he clearly talks about the struggles accompanying dating, courtship, marriage, and family. When I talk to James, he always recites the difficulty that comes with marriage and family. However, it’s how they respond in light of these trials that earns my utmost respect for them. They know they cannot lead their families on their own and turn to the Lord in all His Glory  for guidance. They rejoice and turn to the Lord in their sin. I cannot stress how important this is to each of them; you’ll just have to talk to them each individually to understand who they are and what I’m saying about each of them.

They have humility. They’re not afraid to admit their sin. And they own up to it not by trying to fix their lives on their own but by turning to God for strength. It really is beautiful. These are men I admire. This is husband and father I want to emulate.


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