Sharing in His Glory

I started dating someone recently, and Boy, has it been a blast. Being about to share experiences with someone and learn about who they are, what their interests are, their past, their future aspirations… it’s quite a joy and treat. But, my post isn’t about her, at least not directly.

Today, we walked around the new HEB near my house. I was really excited to share with her the experience of the new Central Market-like HEB because it’s close to my house, and I always think it’s exciting when something new opens near me. Overall, she wasn’t that impress, or at least, she didn’t seem that impressed. As we were leaving, she made a comment about how she would have rather gone to Trader Joe’s, which is down the street (honestly, I probably have to agree since TJ is more unique despite it being smaller). I was a little disheartened though when she didn’t share my enthusiasm about the new HEB, but I wasn’t bothered by it because it wasn’t something really important to me.

And then a thought crossed my mind later in the evening; This must be how God feels. Everyday, we are experiencing a fullness of grace and love from our LORD and savior, and we mostly respond by batting it away with negligence. If we don’t neglect Him, then we probably lack a true understanding of how significant and transformative His love for us is. In Romans 8:17, it says we’re children, and also co-heirs of His Kingdom. If we share in his sufferings (by walking alongside Him), we also share in His glory. Too often, I’ll neglectfully follow or openly disobey God because I don’t find the path of suffering alongside Him to be very joyful when in reality, that is the most fruitful and life-giving path to walk. When I was window-shopping today at HEB, I wanted her to be excited about the things I was excited about, but she just didn’t love it. With the same attitude, that is how I oftentimes view God and his plans for me. Innately, I just don’t love the things God loves, nor do I love the path of suffering He has put out for me. But, just like my hope for our relationship is that we’ll grow to appreciate the hobbies/interests/quirks of the other person, I pray for a myself to be transformed and molded to become a co-heir of Christ.

Relationships are convicting, srsly.


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