25 ¢

A quarter. I’ve picked up a lot of those in my life. Most of the time, I store them in the change compartment of my car. I save them mainly so I can use them at the carwash (which always requires 4 quarters to start, and at least 1 dollar more to finish). Each quarter I’ve ever spent was probably on something I needed, or thought I needed. It was a subjectively necessary purpose. So, the question I have for myself today is, “How did I spent my first quarter?”

This is different from saying, the “first quarter of my life.” I don’t know if God will give me a dollar or if he’ll only give me another nickel. But at the very least, He’s given me a quarter. So here’s a list of 25 things that I’ve done with my quarter. It’s a list of things I’m proud of and not so proud of. But in the end, regardless of whether  I rejoice and celebrate, I can walk in faith knowing that each cent was necessary.

  1. I went to Texas A&M. whoop!
  2. I went to optometry school.
  3. I have to retake pharmacology. bleh.
  4. I started playing volleyball, but I still haven’t gotten better.
  5. I tried to share the gospel with my family, and each attempt was probably as unsuccessful as the last. Won’t give up though.
  6. I started a christian organization on my college campus. #epicmovement
  7. I had my first real humbling moment during the summer after my freshman year.
  8. I took 4 years of mandarin in high school, but I never improved because I didn’t practice. I still feel guilty about it.
  9. I made the tennis team and made some friends. This was a BIG deal.
  10. I grew up thinking everything oriental was chinese in origin. For example, I thought pho was chinese noodle soup.
  11. I’ve visited a lot of places in the world, but I took those trips for granted by spending most of my time on my gameboy.
  12. I’ve become incredibly transparent about my life and am, as a result, shameless about most things.
  13. Through my dating experiences, I have learned what it means to date with the intention of marriage. However, I’m still learning what marriage means.
  14. I became a member at a church. Frankly, I’m still confused sometimes what I’m supposed to do.
  15. I’ve been a christian for 10 years but I’ve only memorized 1 piece of scripture (not counting John 3:16).
  16. I watched a lot of tv growing up. I can’t say I regret it. What else are you supposed to do when you don’t have many friends?
  17. I used to walk home from school (or take the metro), and I took a lot of pride in that.
  18. I still take a lot of pride in being exposed to poorer neighborhoods, as opposed to only living in suburbia.
  19. I know I need God’s grace to live and to go to heaven (which in essence are the same thing).
  20. My oratory skills still need work, but I’m more eloquent than I was at the age of 13.
  21. I’m no longer a teacher’s pet. I used to love hanging with teachers after school and getting the attention. Now, I can’t wait to get out of the classroom.
  22. I still have a long ways to go in terms of cooking.
  23. I’m not afraid of the stage, and I’m really happy about that. Singing ,dancing, speaking, you name it.
  24. I still don’t have a job, and I feel inadequate still being a student at the age of 25. Probably because I compare myself to others a lot.
  25. over the past 10 years, I’ve grown to enjoy reading my bible.

There’s obviously more; those are just some thoughts I have. I’ll add another penny to this list. The most important thing to me is that on August 6, 2005, I accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior. My life hasn’t been the same since. So in a way, after the first dime and nickel, my life was no longer innumerable or finite. I have much more than a few quarters to look forward to. I get to spend eternity with God, and that should probably be the only thing on my quarter reflection list.


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