So, why “shiitaki mushrooms”?

Have you ever seen Spy Kids 4D? There’s this part where Carmen is about to say a cuss word; Shitaki Mushrooms is what she says in place of the word “sh*t”. It often keeps you from getting in trouble at school and other places where “cursing” isnt neccesarily accepted!

“Holy Shiit…aki mushrooms”

I feel like our lives are reflections of this. Every time we’re about to mess up, we catch ourselves and try to turn things around. But, as much as we catch ourselves, we can never write our own wrongs.

God catches us all the time, every time. Giving up my derek3134 Xanga symbolizes my complete surrender to God. I am no longer shiit-aki mushrooms. I am only Holy in God’s eyes. So, therefore, I just want my blog to be an anthology dedicated to the creator of shiitaki mushrooms (and other things too, of course). And if I do eat shiitaki mushrooms in the process, I’ll blog about that too.  

If you want to read my blog, I highly recommend watching Spy Kids 4D first.

Just Kidding. 

Sorta. Kinda. Not Really.