Prayer Requests 4/1/15

pray for the upcoming month. I think we have 13 exams in the month of April, and it’ll take a lot of diligence and perseverance to get through it all. Mostly, that I’d trust God with His plans for me and continue to work as if my grades reflect His Glory.

Pray that I’d be okay with imperfection. I’ve been pretty bogged down lately, focusing a lot on my imperfections and areas I need to work on. I dwell in the past and present on mistakes I make, and as a result am unable to see the beauty that rises from the ashes. I am a new creation, and I’m reborn in the image of Christ as He intercedes on our behalf.

Pray for a passionate devotion to God’s word. I’ve been studying systematic theology as my sabbath. It’s been convicting to read His word and devote myself to learning His teachings. Pray for a yearning to learn about deeper theologies.

My relationship with Constance. It’s been pretty great, and I’m learning to trust her more with my heart. Trust has always been a hard one for me, and it isn’t always reflected in what you’re willing to share. Sometimes it’s just about letting someone else care for you, allowing yourself to be cherished and being vulnerable. Anyway, God has definitely blessed me with someone who is incredibly caring and loving, so praise God for her.


One thought on “Prayer Requests 4/1/15

  1. rjyeung February 18, 2013 / 1:32 pm

    will be praying, bro

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