10 Ways to Win Your Heart

1. Don’t be afraid to point out when I’m wrong. If you listen to me speak enough, you’ll know that a good chunk of the thing’s I say are either blasphemous, ridiculous, or not compassionate. 

2. Encourage me to try things that I don’t want to do or are scared about trying

3. Being excited about small things that happened during your day. Share them with me because I can get caught up in the business in life.

4. Cook with me, not just for me. 

5. Grocery shop with me. 

6. In the spirit of Christmas, gifts!

7. Dressing Nicely

8. Know yourself and be bold. 

9. Forgive me when I make a mistake, even if you know I’m making a mistake, but I’m not willing to accept it. 

10. Be patient. 


10 of your favorite songs

1. Second Chance – HU

2. Our God – CT

3. Reach for the Light – TBT

4. The Proof of Your Love – FK&C

5. Never Change – SO

6. Continued Story – Hk

7. Dream High

8. Temple of Stone – TBT 

9. Refuse to be Denied – DB

10. Officially Missing You – Tamia (but I don’t mind the youtube covers all over the place) I like IU’s version the most. 

10 Important People

1. My discipler is quite a special guy. There are many things I value in people: persistence, confidence, intelligence, boldness, independence, insightfulness, wisdom, discernment, age, and a desire to know the Lord. When I first searched for a discipler, I didn’t anticipate finding anyone who exuded any of these qualities, but I was gladly surprised to find someone who harbored all of these qualities. I have a high level of respect for him, and even more love for him because he always seeks to encouragement when I personally feel I’m not up to his level. Oh, and he also has a knack for expressing himself with a balance of truth and grace. That’s pretty hard.

2. My son is simply my son. I don’t know where he got his love for cookies from, but I’m sure it was all for the better. He’s pretty unique because I see so many glimpses of myself in him, yet he’s a completely different person. In a nutshell, I’m glad he’s different because our differences set us apart. Our similarities make me feel like I can be honest with him without criticism, and our differences give me an idea of how I can be different, but still, myself. He’s smarter than he gives himself credit for. And someday, he’ll grow into the strong man he’s meant to be. Maybe then he’ll realize it.

3. I always have a token white friend. Well, mine, for the past few years, has come in the form of a guy who I literally have nothing in common with other than the fact that we love the shiner cheer + banana nut bread combo. Just kidding – that’s an exaggeration. I’m really grown to love the guy and appreciate his openness even amidst a solid impenetrable exterior. He’s extremely open-minded and aware of what’s going on in the universe around him, and most of all, he uses that trait to build on his relationships with others. He forgives me for my blatant ego and for the most part, I think he sees me for who I am and still chooses to be my friend. I think that’s the best part.

4. This friend of mine has been around for 8 years now. To be completely honest, I don’t know why she’s still my friend. I mean, she’s essentially meant for greater things. She was always overachieving in high school, and she was always setting the standard for what it meant to be great. Even though she never accepted it, the people younger than us looked up to her and really respected her. The funny thing is, I felt like I saw her (and still see her) like the people that were younger than us (we were in the same grade). And then she went to Upenn, and even then, we stayed friends. I feel like she’s in a different tier than I am, and to be completely honest, I don’t know why she’s still my friend (said that earlier). Ultimately, I’m glad she is my friend. She reminds me that I can accomplish so much more. I respect her for so much, but none more than her determination and work ethic. She’s pretty freakin’ awesome. And the last thought is… she’s done this all without the help of Jesus. I really want to pour into her life and stay there as her friend. Perhaps, maybe just a glimpse of what it looks like to be in loving relationship with God is something she’ll witness by staying friends with me. If not, I’d still be pretty happy just keeping up with her.

5. Being in a relationship with her has been a roller coaster. But I appreciate her more than any other person I’ve met in college (no offense to the people above and below entry number 5). She’s taught me the value of two lessons this past year. First, she taught me the value of commitment. She loves me even despite all my blemishes and faults. The second is learning to love someone by learning their love languages and investing in them in a way where they will readily receive your love. Truthfully, she really does walk alongside Jesus and yearn to know Him.

6. You ever hear those analogies about flowers blooming in the right season. Well, if we started in the fall, and then moved onto winter, and each season represented a year I’ve know this person, then we would currently be in the season of spring, and this person has been blooming. She’s really grown into a beautiful woman that really seeks after God’s heart. She has a gift of compassion that I lack so dearly. I want her to grow into a confident courageous woman, and I see her growing intimately in her walk with God everyday. Sometimes, I think it’s funny that she looks up to me and trusts my leadership because now, I’m the one who has faith in her because I trust her leadership now.

7.  This person is a lot like #4. Crazy work ethic. Extremely respectable. And to top it all off, she still makes time for epic despite all the time she spends in her lab. But as strong as she is, her willpower doesn’t come from a determination to do well, and it doesn’t even come from her desire to succeed. She draws all her determination from God’s will. She’s constantly searching and seeking God’s will. In her profession, in her graduate studies, she wants it all to reflect God’s glory. She deserves top notch respect from everyone around her. I think a lot of epic could learn a lot from her. Success and God aren’t meant to be separate.

8. She makes me feel loved. I want to see her know Jesus. Her cooking is decent too.

9. He’s so wise. He sees the world at face value. And I’ve learned discernment through his words of wisdom. Now, I want him to see it through God’s eyes.

10. She’s understanding and empathetic. I feel like like if she knew Jesus, her life would change drastically. I want to help her get over the hump of doubts and needlessness of Him, and just see how beautiful and meaningful life can be with God leading.

10 things you can’t live without

1. My WordPress – it gives me a chance to process my thoughts, share with others, and engage with god. Otherwise I don’t know how is process.
2. Chris, ryan, josh, jonathan, Joanne, Kelly, Justin, Bernice – my community at a&m
3. Blue hoodie – good in any weather
4. Aggie ring – good with any outfit
5. Nexus 7 – multifunction tool
6. Facebook photos – reminders and memories of the past I want to take with me.
7. McDonalds coupons – got me through the semester
8. Black socks – my feet get cold easily. Good socks are hard to come by.
9. Gift of discernment – I continue to thank god for his gift of spiritual discernment. I don’t know if it counts as a natural gift, but its definitely from god because I can’t discern truth without his help.
10. Ksbj – no CDs. Just constant encouragement over the radio.

10 wishes

1. I wish I had the power of Geass. I wonder what mine would be…

2. I wish I could win the lottery and donate all the money to the world’s churches. 

3. I wish I had a smart phone (ANY SMART PHONE).

4. I wish I was as creative as the screenwriters who write the scripts for shows like Once Upon a Time and Arrested Development. 

5. I wish Code Geass R3 would begin already.

6. I wish I had harder hardships. That way, maybe, I’d be able to relate to or be more empathetic toward people with tougher struggles. 

7. I wish I had the experience to prepare gourmet cuisine. 

8. (Sometimes) I wish I cared more about other peoples’ opinion of me. 

9. I wish I knew more about the bible. 

10. I wish I could convince my parents to allow my to upgrade all their electronics instead of keeping all their heavy paperweight computers. 

10 things you hate – strongly dislike

1. People who hoard their material belongings or money

2. Not knowing the future 

3. Having the word on the tip of your tongue, but being unable to recall it.

4. when people doubt my athletic ability

5. disagreeing with people

6. when I feel like i’m being hypocritical

7. not finding the best deal on something before I buy it. I feel like I wasted money

8. bad planning

9. feeling like I can’t depend on others

10. being sick when it’s not cold outside 

10 things about you

Doing it again. This one was with the help of Josh and Stephen. 

1. I like to think that I’m capable of doing anything. It isn’t meant to be boastful, but instead I feel like nothing is impossible. 

2. I prefer never paying money to watch animated movies in movie theaters. I feel like it’s a waste of money because there isn’t any real acting potential to be seen in an animated theater. 

3. I understand the value of being prompt, but I also understand the value of understanding culture. Therefore, I will never show up any earlier than late because asian time dictates that it is preferable, however disrespectful, to show up on time. 

4. I highly respect engineers, science majors, and architecture majors. I won’t say anything about the rest. 

5. I’ve been totally hooked on the 12-5am buy fries and drink and get free burger deals at mcdonalds for the past semester.  I’ve probably spent 100 dollars there this semester. 

6. I broke my phone with my aggie ring. 

7. I have difficulty giving criticism because the holy spirit works in me. I have difficulty giving constructive criticism because He doesn’t work in me enough

8. If I feel like I can’t become moderately competent at something, most of the time (without solid encouragement), I won’t partake in it. 

9.  At this point, there’s only one thing in my college career where I made a decision that I could take back.

10. I like to make lists.