three weeks ago

I was at anthology.

Each year, God adds another volume of my life to the collection. This year, He would tug at my heartstrings about the issue dearest to me. Here are several take home messages that I got from Anthology. If you’re reading this blog, then chances are, I told you about this blog. If I told you about this blog, then chances are I care deeply about you and consider you a speed-dial friend (yeah, I said it).

  • Choosing to answer the painful questions. Choosing to engage in the pain is choosing to engage in God. “Tell it truthfully, tell it honestly.” – TJ Poon
  • TO GUYS: “In us is also a good and healthy ache for women. How has sexual sin affected our lives? Lust is pleasure without commitment.”
  • There is no freedom from sexual sin except through christian community and confession.
  • Bad Theology = something bad happens, and we say God has a purpose for this.
  • “Forgiveness is a long process, and it sells grievances short when we forgive too quickly.” – Tommy Dyo
  • “It’s impossible to know why, so I started focusing on what. ‘What is God trying to tell you?'” – TJ Poon

If you were there, then you you’ll probably get these messages inside and out. If you know me, you would understand very clearly why each of these bullets is a bullet. But, if you are neither of these, then I welcome you to ask me! 🙂

God never ceases to amaze me.

God, continue to teach me to love the way you love.