iPhone 6s

So, I preordered an iPhone 6s, and it will be arriving via mail today. Honestly, I’ve been waiting for this day for the last 4 months ever since I was eligible for an upgrade. What started as minor excitement has grown into an obsession – reading every review on the not-yet-released flagship phone, scouring for the best deal, determining what color and storage size to purchase, and the list goes on.

This morning, I hesitated, but I can clearly call it idolatry. While, I didn’t put my faith and trust in this singular device that I don’t yet have, I have let it consume my thoughts and attention. Even during the last two weeks when I was deliberating, I would pray sporadically to God that He would help me to use this expensive device for something other than a selfish purpose, that it might exist for something more than a status symbol or something to boast about. Today I’m willing to admit to you (my close brothers and sisters in Christ) that I’ve been failing at keeping that declaration to God and need help in this seemingly tiny area of faith. I know God wants submission to His will in all the areas of my life, including the areas of life revolving around every day life. To see every blessing I’m given as an opportunity to gather and grow His kingdom is something I am striving for. So my declaration today is a submission of my heart, that this iPhone will not continue to, nor ever become again something I idolize before God. Instead, it shall be seen as a gift and blessing that God gives just as He has given so many other things.

A last thought I have about this. I have been waiting eagerly and, at times, anxiously for the deliverance of this phone. In Luke 12:37, it says “Blessed are those servants whom the master, when he comes, will find watching.” While this is a parable of servants waiting on their master to return from a gathering, I think this can be equated to the simple devotion and patience we as delivers are supposed to have as we await Jesus’ return. Pray that I might grow in eagerness of Jesus’ return.