How do you reblog tumblrs?

How do you reblog tumblrs?

Today was the most fun I’ve had pretty much all semester.

I remember my freshman year when I used to love playing games every weekend with friends—card games, board games, thinking games, all games. But then as the years went by, I either ‘matured’ or got too lazy to round up people to play with me.

It feels nice being with underclassmen who care. After tonight’s Leader’s Hangout, I just felt so refreshed. Everyone’s cheeks hurt from laughing, everyone’s throat hurt from yelling and laughing, and peeps were def sweating from the trust workout and of course..laughing.

I remember I was so worried last year about Epic’s future and what God would do, but God provided. As we finally ended about 3 hours of playing 5 different teamwork/communication games, we settled down and for the first time in…a really long time…I wasn’t the one giving the inspirational, ‘let’s go team! teamwork for Jesus!’ speech. i just sat back, looked at the new leaders, listened to people voice their opinions, and soaked in their care for the movement’s growth. it’s been a while since i’ve seen such energy and it’s so good to see.

Tonight was an answered prayer of many tiring months of praying. i always told myself, “if epic succeeds, we succeed faithfully. if epic fails, we fail faithfully. it’s all in God’s hand.” but it seems like God isn’t done with us yet, He’s got great plans and I am so excited for the way He’s going to use each one of those kiddos next year. They’re a great bunch.

I hope they grow with one another in the way that our past leaders couldn’t. I hope they grow in the Word, in encouragement, and in sincere praise for one another. I hope they do fail, but learn to rise together and come back stronger. I hope they learn from our past mistakes. I hope they fall on their knees and cry to God in plea and desperation. I hope they praise God for every circumstance. I hope they find joy in serving the God who never fails. I hope they break out of their comfort zones and seek out the lost. I hope they lift each other up with genuine love.

Being with them today made me so happy to see their cohesiveness and to see them bonding. But it also made me sad that I’ll be missing out. But it’s okay, my time is ending, there’s a time and season for everything 🙂 God is good!