initial thoughts about sin city

it really is a place of sin. Missing the mark, or simply just forgetting the purpose of life. The moment I step off, I feel like I’m whisked off into a wonderland. But LV is exactly that; WONDERland. “I wonder where I should go…” “I wonder how much fun I could have doing ___ …” 

Perhaps I’m a bit cynical, but part of me really is aching. I’m reminded of Esther’s testimony. She just talked about how if she wasn’t a christian, the partying, drinking, clubbing life style would be something she’d be immersed in. I’ve never been drawn to it, but I can definitely see how it’s attracting, especially when I’m in the capitol of lavish partying. To be honest, I can see why people love it, living weekend to weekend wanting to “get slizzarddd”. Losing yourself to wonder is thrilling and exhillarating. But mostly, I just feel sad… I wish they knew how much more life could be. 

It’s hard not to come here and feel indignant, holy, or better. It’s really hard not to judge or want to see yourself as above anyone else. This should be a humbling weekend. And to be completely honest, temptation has been surrounding me ever since I’ve gotten here. One temptation that I’ll probably give into… BLACKJACK. 

(I stared at people play for almost an hour trying to learn. It was actually fun to watch haha)

2 days, 2 nights left.