Dear A&M Epic

I’m really going to miss you guys. We’re all so quirky and weird. We’ve got josh with her random korean girl outbursts. Jenny with her awesome hugs. Justin asking “anyone sitting on a tack?” Ryan eating cookies. Stephen with his relentless enthusiasm. Jeff with his out of the blue quirky jokes. Michael with awesome socks. Eva with her evasmash. King william with his minions. Matt with his ticklelishness (ya’ll should try it if you haven’t). Jeremy with his hongkong style smile. Kelly with her ever changing hair. Bernice sharing testimonies about her testimonies. Alex using pinterest yolo style. And David, just being david. 

Thanks for the 3 years I’ve had with you guys. You guys are a real blessing, and I’ve grown from each of you (and many others) because God blessed me with a relationship with each of you. 

To all the new freshman: If you’ve even checked out Epic throughout these first few weeks, I urge you to stick around. You’ll really be amazed by this group of girls and guys. We’re not perfect, we’ll bicker over where we should go eat, and we’ll even loiter for endless hours at a time… But it’s all worth it when you begin to see what God can do with this community of Christ-followers. Stick around.

Anyway, next stop optometry school. EPIC MOVEMENT AT UNIVERSITY OF HOUSTON!! (jk. sorta. kinda. ntrly.)