some of the crazy things we do for love

we’ll call the person we like because we want to talk to them, but we’ll secretly hope they don’t pick up. We want them to see the missed call and know we were thinking of them. 

If a guy sees a girl he likes, he’ll try his best to stand up straight and show great posture as he walks by her. Then, once she’s out of sight, he’ll slump again.

If a girl sees a guy she likes, she’ll walk by him completely ignorant of his existence, UNLESS he says hi to her first. Then, she’ll become really chatty. 

If you follow that person’s blog, twitter, pinterest, instagram, or facebook updates, you’ll probably constantly check their page over and over for updates. 

You might be having a bad prayer day, but if that person shares their prayer requests, you’ll be praying constantly for them. 

We’ll take note of anything they say about our appearance: “I like that shirt.” “I like your hair today.” and emulate it all the time. 

If it’s the gift giving season, this person becomes the first person you want to give a gift to, even before your family, or your best friend of 7 years. 

We’ll probably spend a good amount of time imagining what the first date will be like. We’ll probably imagine what the relationship will be like too. All before actually telling the person we like them. 

We’ll go out of our way to spend time with them. Studying, dinner, prayer meeting, retreats, sitting in the same car to go to church, etc. Even if doing it is inconvenient. 

We might even try to lose 30 kilos. 

If you’re crazy about her, you could end up writing and drawing any entire cartoon for them. 

When surfing on facebook, you’ll probably end up staring at the friendship page. If the mutual photo isn’t your best photo together, you’ll probably complain. 

At some point, you’ll probably get drawn into conversations with other people who will ask you who you like. You’ll be afraid to reveal who it is, yet there’s this sense of excitement in the possibility of telling them. It’s like, you want to tell them, but you want to keep it a secret. Of course, your on-the-fence tactics will probably egg them on even more to ask you even more. 

the above example: it’s even more nerve-wracking when the person you like is involved in that same conversation. 

When you’re watching some tv shows and they exhibit certain relationship-related themes, you’ll be on the look out for specific quotes that exemplify “exactly how you feel.” 

if you’re both on chat, you’ll want them to IM you first, and you’ll keep checking your buddy list, see that they’re online, but not IMing you. And of course, that’ll bother you. Of course, eventually you’ll cave.