10 things about you

Doing it again. This one was with the help of Josh and Stephen. 

1. I like to think that I’m capable of doing anything. It isn’t meant to be boastful, but instead I feel like nothing is impossible. 

2. I prefer never paying money to watch animated movies in movie theaters. I feel like it’s a waste of money because there isn’t any real acting potential to be seen in an animated theater. 

3. I understand the value of being prompt, but I also understand the value of understanding culture. Therefore, I will never show up any earlier than late because asian time dictates that it is preferable, however disrespectful, to show up on time. 

4. I highly respect engineers, science majors, and architecture majors. I won’t say anything about the rest. 

5. I’ve been totally hooked on the 12-5am buy fries and drink and get free burger deals at mcdonalds for the past semester.  I’ve probably spent 100 dollars there this semester. 

6. I broke my phone with my aggie ring. 

7. I have difficulty giving criticism because the holy spirit works in me. I have difficulty giving constructive criticism because He doesn’t work in me enough

8. If I feel like I can’t become moderately competent at something, most of the time (without solid encouragement), I won’t partake in it. 

9.  At this point, there’s only one thing in my college career where I made a decision that I could take back.

10. I like to make lists.